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Like a little kid waiting for Santa, Sound Opinions eagerly awaits the arrival of Andy Cirzan.

Andy Cirzan is the show's official Kris Kringle, bringing in the coolest and weirdest holiday music on the block. By day Andy is a longtime Vice President at Jam Productions in Chicago. But by night he scours high and low to add to his collection of holiday obscura. Andy has been treating his friends to a holiday music compilation of these rare finds for over 20 years. And, for half of those, he has also shared them with Sound Opinions. Now we can make Andy’s highly sought after compilation available for free to all our listeners.

To the right you can download this year’s album and its art. But get it while the yule log is hot...The 2013 mix will only be available until midnight on January 1, 2014.

Enjoy and happy holidays from Sound Opinions!

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This year's album contains resequenced tracks from the 2001-2004 mixes..

Download the Full Album: (PC Users Right Click to Save / Mac Users Cntrl Click)
Side A (40Mb 192kbps mp3): (link)
Side B (40Mb 192kbps mp3): (link)

Download the Cover Art: (Pdf Files)


Yule Proclamation
Futuristic Christmas Tree - Dick Huemer & Camarata
Space Age Santa Claus - Gus de Wert Trio
Rudolph Pouts - Israfel's Son
All I Want For Christmas Is A Go-Go Girl - Ben Hinds
Little Klinker - The Wilson Sisters
Twinkletoes - The Mar-Teks
The Holiday Season - King Coleman
What Would Santa Claus Think If He Knew You'd Been Drinking Again - Billy Egr
Drinking Again - Billy Egr
Christmas Morning - Rhys O'Brian
Snow Flake - Pebbles & Bam-Bam

I Know There's A Santa Claus - Donna & The Dees
Loneliest Christmas Tree - Lise Miller
Snowflake Snowflake What Are You? - Tom Glazer
The Lonely Little Gnome - Pepper-Pots
The Icicle Man - Precision Plastics Corp
Please Mr Santa - Tex Allen
Christmas Tree Heaven - Pegi Boucher
Here I Am, It's Christmas Again - Louis Meeks
I Just Want Your Love For Christmas - Bob Grabeau
When Winter Comes To Town - Norbert Newport
Santa Claus....that's the signal!

compliled by andy cirzan


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